Friday, August 12, 2005

The Hooked Knight

Temposchlucker added me to Knight Errant (thanks!), and suggested the nickname "Hooked Knight" which precisely describes me I think :-)

A short introduction and current level:

Learned chess rules while I was a kid, used to play at novice level (< 900) with my cousin who was also a novice. Used to think that Rook+King vs. King is a draw because my cousin's king could always escape. None of us used to exchange queens even if that was a good move.

Anyway, now I am 27 years old. In the beginning of 2003 I saw someone playing chess on Yahoo! and gave it a try, I was at 1100 level. But I found myself tremendously attracted to the game, as I like logical things. Maths (especially Probability and Number Theory) , Logic and Philosophy is what I'm attracted to, and I think Chess poses questions at (and perhaps holds secrets answers to) all of these levels. Have been regularly playing chess since then.

My current rating at Yahoo! is at 1700+, the maximum I reached was about 1850. I have no idea where my plataeu would be, but I have motivation to learn a lot more. But Yahoo Blitz ratings should not be directly compared with ELO ratings.

I also played 2 seasons in German district level, first season I got initial rating of around 1750, also next year I did only the same performance although I thought I had improved. A bad weekend tournament with 5 games brought my rating under 1700.

Last month we had a rapid chess tournament (25 min. per side) in our city where many 2000+ participated and I was pleasantly surprised with my result. I had 3 draws against 2100, 2190, and 2310, and in all 3 I had material advantage but slight time pressure, so I offered draws which they accepted. I won against 2090, 2080, 1400 and 1100, and lost the rest 4 games.

So from all this I can only gather that my rating is rather transient at the moment (and depends if I am feeling like a tiger :-)), and hope to start circle training and vision training soon following your suggestions.

have a nice day!

The Hooked Knight.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


my first chess blog...

it suffices to say for now that I am totally addicted to chess since 2 years, I often find myself daydreaming about it (analysing tactics in my head). I am also committed to improving my game, so I spend some evenings solving chess puzzles (and many more evenings playing on the net).

What prompted me to make my own blog was seeing a group of chess oriented blogs. hope I would be a budding Knight Errant too and share my experiences with the royal game with you.

Dark Knight